Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Flowers: Pinks, Purples, Blues and Whites

Hello there!

This morning I decided to take my camera outside and take a few photos of some of what's blooming around this humble homestead. It seemed like a good day to play with the camera since it wasn't too bright and I knew that shadows wouldn't be an issue. When it comes to photography, I need all the help I can get!

Though we have a lot of different colors in our gardens, my personal favorites happen to be those that are pink, purple, blue and white, so here is a sampling of that.

Blue Iris that grows tall by the side of our
porch next to the driveway...

...almost halfway up the railings...

...another blue Iris that grows in the garden...

...and beautiful chive blossoms in the herb
These come back year after 

Annual Soprano Purple Osteospermum
that I buy each year for all-summer color.
This year they are in the window boxes 
on our porch...

In the welcome basket by our entrance
grows Vinca (transplanted from in
front of the garden shed, where they 
run wild), with gentle Lobelia, one of my

And the mailbox plantings also come back each 
year, Clematis and more Vinca...

Of course, I can't forget white geraniums
on the front porch. There is something so
simply beautiful about these favorites,
which I also buy every year. 
Sitting on the old black chair...

And photographed up close...

...they are just standouts in my book...

I hope you are letting some flowers into your lives today! Thanks for visiting me.


  1. Thank you Sue for sharing some of your garden with us in these irises - what gorgeous colours! Such a pretty clematis and of course you can never have enough of those pretty white geraniums which complement everything!

    1. Thanks so much for coming by, Suzi! And thanks for the compliments, as well!


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