Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Taking a walk around our home...

Good morning! Yesterday I hinted that maybe I would show you something in its entirety, so I decided to take you for a walk around our house. It occurred to me that I show you a lot of photos of individual flowers growing in our gardens, but never really show you the gardens themselves. The main reason for this is because this is actually only the fifth spring that we are working on them, so we are not yet chock full of plants. We spent the first few years concentrating on the "bones" of the plan, such as the beds, lawn, trees and shrubs, so the flowers are not all that much established yet.

In any case, here goes nothing (or something, depending on whether your cup is half empty or half full!).

As you pull into our driveway,
this is what you will see on the right...

...the garden continues up along the right
side of the property.
There are woods that separate us from
our neighbors' homes, 
so we have created our beds forward of
the wooded areas on the sides...

A walk along the side of the garage brings you
to the yard, and here you see the stone path
that takes you to the back deck and screen
Ahead you see a plum tree surrounded
by daylilies...

To the left of that path at the bottom of the deck is the shady
fountain garden, with mostly hostas, 
ferns, and hellebore...

I particularly love these waxy blue

...which I am happy to report have blessed us with several
babies (on right side corner of photo)...

A view of the right corner of yard in rear.
A leaky bird bath was planted with lovely
white annuals, 
and Holly Compacta bushes
flank the stone path leading back there. 
Our gazing ball is barely visible on the left,
though not a lot is blooming in this section yet,
except for the weeds, that is...

This is the center of the back yard and view from the porch.
The herb garden is in middle on right,
and newly expanded daylily and iris garden under
plum tree towards left, 
with garden shed in back behind it. 
Behind the herb garden is another island 
planted with rose bushes, a crab apple tree, 
and a fig tree...

Another shot of garden shed and (weedy!)
stone path and bushes leading to it.
Our memory garden, in honor of those in our families who
have passed on, is to left of shed...

And another view of shed.
The front shows the snowball bush, 
planted with Vinca and Creeping Jenny,
and a host of whatever else will grow there.

Heading left through the yard on our walk,
we pass the left, rear corner of house and get
to the rose-covered arbor...

...and walking through it takes us to the 
other side of the house...

...and looking over our shoulders after we pass under the arbor
this is the view back to the shed...

Looking ahead we see the gazebo,
the gardens around it still being established...

...and then we come up to the front of the house, 
having made almost a full circle...

How about some sweet tea on the porch?

As ever, thanks for putting up with my ramblings!!
Have a wonderful day.


  1. It all looks gorgeous, dear Sue. A cup of tea on the porch sounds wonderful:)
    Have a lovely day.

    1. Thank you! When will you be over for the tea? Have a wonderful day, Marie. XO

  2. Your home is just gorgeous! What a lovely lot - and your garden shed...I could LIVE in that quite easily! :)

    1. Thanks for your compliment. You probably wouldn't want to live in it if you could see the mess inside! Oops!


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