Thursday, May 8, 2014

Garden whimsy...

Good morning friends!

This past weekend Mr. Perch and I put down about 40 bales of pine straw in front of the house. This is not a charming task, but someone's gotta do it to keep down the weeds on the large slope on which our house sits. It's also a job better done now than once the heat of the summer kicks in.

We have that slope, which I've shown you in previous posts, planted with a lot of shrubs and several Juniper, which will hopefully someday fill in and eliminate the need for much pine straw. (It's getting better each year as the layers build, though!) We noticed that one of the Junipers had died over the winter, so when we visited our plant nursery last week to get a replacement, we noticed a beautiful piece of garden statuary there. We ended up deciding that we would put it in place of the deceased Juniper, and offer a little whimsy to the entrance of our driveway. We put some colorful annuals around it, and hopefully they will fill in nicely as the summer moves in.

You can't tell from this photo,
but he is a pretty good size...

Don't you just love those buggy eyes?!

I'll share some better photos on a future post, so that you can get "the big picture", if you catch my drift!

I hope that you have a whimsical day yourselves!

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