Thursday, August 21, 2014

Time spent at Birdsong Cottage, Part 1: Pretty hosta blooms...

Good morning friends!

We just returned on Monday from ten days in the mountains, so I thought I would take a few days to share a little about that trip. We only did a little work on our place, such as painting window trim, installing all new window shades, putting in a new ceiling fan in the master bedroom, and painting the wicker settee in the porch. None of which was very picture worthy!

Unfortunately, we missed the bloom period of all of the daylilies last month, but the hostas along the side of the porch were all in full bloom, and I was so happy to see that they were all white, unlike the ones at home that are mostly pink.

Did you ever notice how beautiful
a hosta blossom is when you look at it closely?

Here is a shot taken from a little further away...

...and from yet a little further back...

And this is what the sea of white looked like...

If you recall, I thinned these out in the spring.
You would never know that now!

So now the side garden blends nicely
with the white petunias in the front garden,
shown below...

I hope that you find some simple beauty in your
lives today!
Thanks for stopping by!

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