Saturday, August 30, 2014

Time Spent at Birdsong Cottage, Part 4: A day in Black Mountain

Hello there! 

We've taken advantage of some of the cooler weather this week by beginning some Fall yard cleanup, so after killing crabgrass, trimming bushes, and so forth, I finally have a little time to say hello. I thought I'd resume by sharing some more pictures that I had taken while we were in the mountains.

A few miles outside of Asheville, and a 45-minute ride from us,  there is a sweet little town called Black Mountain. It is an artsy little town, with nice restaurants and shops, somewhat smaller than Hendersonville but really fun to visit. We spent a day up there, so here is a glimpse of what you will find there.

Through the looking glass,
or should I say windshield,
this was on the ride up...

Cute shops,
both on the outside...

...and the inside...

Interesting signage...

...and the sweet old railroad depot...

...which is now an arts and crafts gallery...

And what would be a day without food?
We ate at a place called the Black Mountain
It had both inside and outside dining,
but who could resist eating on the porch
and looking at the mountains?
Not to mention, 
the food was delicious
and the service great!...

In one of the shops I bought this...

...which I couldn't resist hanging over the toilet in the bathroom,
at Birdsong, of course!

I hope that you had a great day today!


  1. Thanks for taking us along,Sue:) Looks so pretty.
    Have a lovely Sunday.


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