Wednesday, September 24, 2014

From an artist's palette...

Hello! I hope that fall has gotten off to a good start for you.

The last time we were up at Birdsong, we had the great experience of watching the transformation of a common old storage shed into something unbelievably beautiful. Our neighbor dates a gal named Diana who is an artist (and by that, I mean the real kind), and when we first arrived her work of art was in its early stages. Each day brought a new surprise as we got to witness the ongoing progress that she made.

If you follow this blog, you know that our getaway home is in an older mobile home park in the mountains of Hendersonville, NC. There are guidelines that dictate what we are, and are not, allowed to do, and this is what obviously keeps it pretty nice (not too different than what we live with in our "real house" community), but there is also a lot of conformity and not a lot of color.

This beauty is such a refreshing change to our street! We had fun watching people driving by and turning their heads to look at it, with others walking by commenting on Diana's work and how much they liked it.

From the palette...

...of this artist...

...a common old metal storage shed became a footpath...

...through a pastoral setting...

...of beautiful trees covered with fall leaves...

A sunflower, standing in the foreground,
 is hanging on from the summer,
and a small barn is seen in the distance...

Alas, it is only an illusion, 
a mere storage shed
blending into the yard behind it!

And the best part?
One of the other residents commissioned
Diana to paint a masterpiece for her.
Diana sent me this photo of it,
and we'll get to see it this week,
as we are heading up there tomorrow.
I love this little guy's nose and the sparkle in his eyes!...

If you would like something painted for you,
I have scanned the front and back of Diana's business card.
Here it is...

Have a great evening. I may not be by again until we return from Birdsong in a week or so!

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