Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Valentine's Wish

Hello dearest friends. I hope that you are having a wonderful holiday. Do you have any special plans? Hubby and are going to our favorite local Italian restaurant tonight. We got engaged there six years ago today!

In honor of this day I couldn't resist sharing with you one of my vintage Valentine's Day wedding photos. I got it for a good price due to the stain on the bottom, but we can certainly work around that! Scan and use as you wish.

Isn't this a lovely couple.
I wonder what became of them.
I hope that they had a fine family 
and lived happy and healthy lives...

A few days ago, while I was making lunch, UPS delivered a package (or was it FedEx...can't remember now),and much to my pleasant surprise, it was an early Valentine's gift from Mr. Perch. He said it was supposed to come yesterday, but trust me when I say, getting it early was not a problem.

He saw this company advertised on TV,
and I'm happy that he decided to give them a try...

Beautiful huge, and I mean HUGE,
chocolate covered strawberries.
One of them is a meal in itself...

The instructions suggested that they be consumed within
48 hours.
No problem for moi!
Absolutely delicious!

Mine is just the sweetest guy!


  1. It looks like Valentine's day was a special one for you and your hubby!
    What a stunning box of chocolates he gifted you with!!!
    Oh that is a very gorgeous vintage Valentine's Day card. You must have a fabulous collection of vintage cards and post cards Sue.
    Have a lovely weekend coming up!

  2. Thanks, Suzy. I hope you have a great weekend, too!


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