Friday, February 13, 2015

An early jump on the garden...

Good morning. Old Man Winter is still hanging tight here in NC, so the other day I pretended that spring was right around the corner, and got a jump on starting some plants indoors for my garden.

In the smaller pots I started some daylilies
and some seeds that I had harvested last year
from mature daylilies growing in the gardens...

...along with some dahlias in the larger square pots.
All planted in clean pots with fresh potting soil,
and labeled as to what they are.
They happily sit in the downstairs guest room
in front of the sunniest window...

This is the iris...

...and the dahlias...

...and the daylilies...

...along with some lilies...

These are all Walmart specials, 
but I have also ordered some rarer beauties
from three mail order nurseries that I have worked 
with before. 
Can't wait to get diggin' again!


Today I am going to pretend that it is NOT Friday the 13th. 
I might even drive my car somewhere. 
I am not superstitious. No, I am not. Really, I'm not. 
( But I won't tempt fate in any case!)
As a matter of fact, 
I am going to pretend that this is just any other day.

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