Monday, February 2, 2015

Christina Evangeline: A Mixed Media Painting

Christina Evangeline was my great-grandmother, my dad's maternal grandmother. She was born in Paris, and later met my great-grandfather, who was German, in Alsace-Lorraine. That they met and fell in love was interesting, since the relations between Germany and France in this area were perhaps not always the best. They eventually came to America, where they raised a family, and though they both passed away years before I was born, I feel like I knew them based upon the stories that my dad has told me. I especially feel a bond with Christina, as until I saw her photos after the death of my grandfather, I never realized that I looked more like her than I did my grandmother. It's funny how the genes can pass down through three generations.

So after taking Heather Murray's Memory Portrait Painting Project class (see yesterday's post), I decided to try my hand at doing a piece centered around one of my own relatives.

Meet Christina Evangeline...

The background image of the Eiffel tower is from

Though I didn't apply her makeup very well,
it's fun to see what this cabinet photo might have
looked like if it had been in color...

I got to use some of my old lace
and more of my Basic Grey scrapbook paper...

I'm really having fun with these!


Have a great day!

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