Thursday, June 4, 2015

Fabric and Lace Collage: Memory is a Child Walking Along a Seashore

Hello to all.

Recently I told you about an Etsy shop that sells some gorgeous images, and you can see that post here.  I finally used one of the images that I had purchased in a piece of artwork and was hoping that you would like to see some photos of it.

The beautiful image of the children playing on
the beach was my inspiration...

The photo had been tinted with just the smallest 
hint of pale blue,
so I used some blue silk dupioni to frame
part of it... 

...along with some lovely vintage lace and
a shell fossil purchased in Florida...

...some buttons and rick rack
on the old doily at the bottom,
since the rick rack reminded me of waves...

...and of course, a beautiful quote,
accented with a vintage lace applique
to which an old rhinestone button has been added...

This piece hangs from a length of jute
that makes me think of fishnets.


This piece is now listed in my Etsy shop.
Wishing you a peaceful and creative day!


  1. Sue, that is a beautiful piece of work, and so nostalgic. I was brought up by the sea, (even now I'm only 3 miles away), so I can really relate to this. My DH laughs at me because I always come back from the beach with pebbles and driftwood. One day I'll find a good use for them lol. Blessings

    1. Thanks for your kind words. Until I moved here I always lived by the water also. Now we are about 2 hours away. Whenever I see shells and driftwood in shops in Florida and New England, I always try to buy some to have a ready stash. Hugs!


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