Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Some views of our gardens...

Hello dear friends!  We are busy getting ready to go up to Birdsong, so since yesterday I have been taking some photos of some of our garden areas as I have a feeling that a lot of the stuff will bloom out while we are gone. Please note, I have not edited any of these photos, so what you see is what you get!!

Wild roadside daylilies from New England
 growing to the right of
our porch steps.
Welcome to our porch!

A shabby chic chippy window box.
Not by design.
We never have time to paint it.

Path leading to the back deck from
the driveway.
Last year I ripped out the purple perennial
verbena (too invasive for a small area)
and put in some daylilies.
It is really lovely now.
The hosta, fern and fountain
garden is to the left, seen here
only in the forefront...

A view of most of the yard,
with the garden shed towards the left in rear.
On the right in middle of photo is the large iris
and daylily garden that we expanded in the fall
seen in this post.
The fruit of our labor has been realized,
and when it is not so shady I will provide 
more photos when there is more blooming...

Another view of the same part of the yard...

In the front of this photo is the daylily and iris garden
that we expanded in the spring of 2014,
before we did the rear portion seen behind it.
The iris have already bloomed and I have cut them back,
and the daylilies are all getting ready to pop!
In the birdbath is planted mint, 
which I hate in the actual garden since it is so invasive...

Another view of this garden,
with shed in the back...

A section of the hydrangeas planted along
the screened porch in back
(more of that area in my next post)...

I hope you have a wonderful evening!


  1. Your house and garden are beautiful, Sue. It's wonderful that your property is surrounded by those high old trees. It must be wonderful and probably very quiet to sit in your garden.
    Have a fun time at your holiday home.

    1. Thanks, Julia! It is pretty quiet, and we are thankful for the trees since the summers are very hot here and they provide shade when we're working out there. XO

  2. Thank' for sharing your beautiful garden with us, Sue.


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