Thursday, June 11, 2015

What is blooming in our garden now?

Good morning! We are leaving for Birdsong today for about two weeks, so here are the photos that I promised of some of what is blooming in our yard.

My beloved daylilies,
thriving after I moved them all 
last year.
They were too close to the trees
in the woods and did not do well at all.

                                                                    Stargazer Lily ...

Beautiful hydrangeas blooming behind the back porch...

...and near the woods...

I hope you enjoyed the visit!
I will be back soon.
Have a great couple of weeks.


  1. Love what's blooming in your yard, dear Sue. Have a lovely stay at Birdsong.

    1. Thanks Marie. We did have a nice time but are glad to be back for a bit! XO


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