Wednesday, June 3, 2015

To Dorothy from Lillian: A Story (Part Two)

Did Dorothy live in Louisville, KY, 
or is this only where the church was?

Did she spend the summer of 1927 at the
Crab Orchard Springs Hotel
in Crab Orchard, KY,
where she received this letter?

Dorothy was a model in a style show at the Elks Auxiliary
February 9th.
Was this the following year?...

How did the little boy in the toy plane relate to these gals?
It is surely an adorable photo...

The fold-out caption in the photo below on the left
states: "And those button pictures --why,
Martha Gunterman and everyone else 
were wearing them".
Have you ever seen those photo buttons in antique stores?
Did photographers come around and take the photos
for them?...

Some more local goings-on,
and at last,
another letter mailed to Miss Dorothy Reck 
in Louisville, KY.
Her name has appeared 
quite often in this scrapbook...

And on the next-to-last page,
far right on top,
there is a newspaper photo of pretty Miss Reck!...

So what was the relationship of Lillian to Dorothy,
and why did Lillian give the book to her?
Here is a glimpse of the letter that was sent from Lillian to Dot
at the hotel in Crab Orchard Kentucky...

They were cousins!

And who was the "mixed media artist"?


As promised, this was the favorite of my antique finds
from Florida.
I started looking at this book in the shop,
and couldn't bear leaving it there and never finding out
 more about Lillian and Dorothy.

After reading all of the pages,
(a lot more than I could show in these posts)
along with the few letters,
I still don't know much about them,
and didn't see any photos of Lillian.
I didn't want to show you all of the letters,
as it seemed that they should remain private.
I hope that you enjoyed looking at some of this sweet book, though.


Dear Lillian and Dorothy:
My name is Sue.
It was nice getting to know you.
How did your lives end up? 
Did you remain close to each other throughout your lives?
I'd like to think that you did.


  1. Thank you Sue, so much for your kind comment on my blog.
    What a wonderful find this book, is. So many informations, and so many questions ,from you, and this world, where the two weman, do not longer exist. It is always exiting to try walking back in time, and follow persons, whom lived long before us!!
    Hugs, Dorthe

    1. I love walking back in time myself, as you can tell from my blog. Thanks for your comment too! XO Sue


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