Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Antique Victorian Cuffs and The Attic


I recently bought these two burgundy velvet and lace cuffs on eBay, and I thought that you might enjoy seeing them.

Here are the two. 
The velvet portions are lovely with very slight wearing,
and the lace has aged to a beautiful ecru color.
They don't really fasten closed,
so I am thinking that they were just sewn to the bottom
of the sleeves, and hung loose...

They are embellished with these lovely
sparkly pieces,
which appear to be some kind of metal...

...seen a little bit better here...

...and here...

These would be lovely incorporated into a Valentine's Day project,
don't you think?


Hubby decided that it was time to clean out the attic.
It's always been kind of dark up there,
so right before the holidays he put in some
fluorescent lighting and shelving units.
I should have know what was coming.
I've already begun pulling out items that I can live without
and pricing them,
since we have a community yard sale coming up in the spring.
I would so much rather be cleaning an attic
than making art.


  1. Sue those cuffs are gorgeous! I'm sure you will find a wonderful project to use them for!?! : )
    Let us see what else in in your attic!! : ) LOL Take care and have a great day. ~Karen O

    1. Trust me, you don't want to see the junk in our attic! I can't think of one thing that any of us would have an artistic use for! I spent some time today taking old college photos out of those cruddy old magnetic albums that left that black gook all over everything. Remember those? Have a great evening!

  2. They are so lovely, and will be wonderful to use, in your creations, Sue.
    I can see you don`t hide beautiful fabrics or other saving for creative days in your attic,-lol- so I will not pitty you, in thinking poor Sue ,her husbond wants her to throw out :-) I have one here in my house, whom always wants me to get rid of all my loved findings !!!
    XO, Dorthe

    1. Hi Dorthe. Are you kidding? My husband would love it if I threw everything out the studio and attic windows and let him take it to the dump! Men, and actually most women, don't quite understand us, do they! He cringes every time I say "I'm going to get it for a future art project"! Hugs, Sue


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