Thursday, May 19, 2016

A Hydrangea on the Deck and One on the Bush

Recently I mentioned that we had some early warm weather that fooled the garden into thinking that spring had come. This was followed by two freezes. Well, the hydrangea were all in bud when this happened, so the buds all fell off and the leaves shriveled up and turned brown. I was rather upset because when this happens we usually don't get very good flowers on the bushes.

The leaves have started to fill in and new buds have set, though nothing will be as large as they usually are in May. Though I was really sad about my favorites not putting on their usual show this year, imagine how happy I was to see one large blossom that managed to stay warm enough over the deck. It is now in full bloom.

I wish my bushes were filled with blooms this size...

...but I'm happy that I have at least this one...

But not all was lost.
Our oakleaf hydrangea, which grows in front of
the woods surrounding our house,
must have liked the cold snaps
because she is blooming better than ever...

...with her huge and majestic flowers...

I hope that you are having a bloomin' good day!!


  1. GORGEOUS Sue!! Thanks for sharing~
    (our lilacs often go thru that 'late frost' after they've bloomed and we don't always know whether it will kill them or make them tough and hearty:) Have a nice week!
    Karen O

    1. I bet they get hardier. I love lilacs, and we can grow some varieties here, but they can't compare to the beauties that frow up north and in other colder climates. I guess you can't have everything! Hope you are having a great week yourself!


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