Friday, May 13, 2016

A New Look for my Etsy Shop

Hello dear friends! Sorry I've been away so long, but we were up at The Nest for ten days, and when we got back there was so much work to do here at home that I didn't even have time to turn on my computer. I thank you for the lovely comments that you have left for me, and apologize for not acknowledging them or visiting your blogs, but we have no WI-fi up there, so anything I do on my iPad is a very slow process.

If you shop on Etsy you likely know by now that they have made some changes to the way viewers see our shops. The previous "shop banners" will still work, but they look a little shrimpy so I decided to see what I could come up with on my own. When I first set up my shop, I had a graphic designer do my banner, icons, avatars, and business and thank you cards. I love her work and wanted to be able to still use everything besides the banner, so I decided to make a banner of  my own (actually, they don't call it a banner anymore, but rather, a shop photo). I decided to go for the simple look and try to still have it convey the tone of my shop.

Recently I won the bids on some photos that I saw on Ebay, and one of them was just perfect for my cover photo.

I was fiddling around with making a collage of sorts,
and using that as the cover photo,
but in the end I decided
to just have one photo speak for itself.
Here are the photos laid out on a burlap panel
when I was fiddling about with some little related pieces.
The same girls are in all of the photos below,
and I really wanted to use the one on the bottom
which depicts the girls building a sand castle.
Unfortunately, I could not scale it down enough to meet
the size parameters required by Etsy...

I bid separately for all three above,
as I was hoping to keep these "friends" together for all time,
and then quite unexpectly the nice lady who was selling
them contacted me and asked me if I would like to have
the two below,
which also features the same group.
Imagine my excitement when I returned home last week
and found all five in my mailbox!
Don't you just love the happy young people
in these photos?...

I modified one of the photos shown above to fit the required
and also tweaked the coloring a little bit to match my shop icon.
Can you guess which one I used?  
I even went so far as to include a photo of moi!

Click here to check out what I have done.
Certainly no purchase is required,
but I'd love to have your feedback!!

I hope that you have a great day and a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hi there Sue! So glad you had that time to spend @ "the nest" and get some things done~
    I will be heading over to see your Etsy soon.
    I like the vignette you've shared here! Great photos too. Enjoy the week my friend!
    Karen O

    1. HI Karen. Thanks so much for both of your comments! You enjoy your week too!

  2. Great new look in the Etsy Shop Sue!!
    Love the 'header/banner) ("Shop Photo" : )
    Such a great photo. And a beautiful array of items for sale too~ TFS!
    Karen O


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