Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Ligustrum Border

Hello there!

At the back of our rear iris and daylily border is a row of Ligustrum. I am not sure which species it is, since it is one of the first things that we planted when we started to establish our garden beds. We initially put the row of these bushes in to offer some privacy between our yard and that of our neighbors in back. Those folk have since sold the house, and the new people are very nice. I am not much of a fence person, but the new people put up a wood fence which I ended up loving because it provides a back drop for our garden now. This year the Ligustrum are blooming beautifully with lovely white flowers that have the nicest scent. They have really come into their own this year, and I'm wondering if its because the fence offers them some protection.

 You can see the white blooms back by the crepe myrtle,
which will later also bloom white.
The ones on the left got a little bigger,
so in the fall I will trim them a little...

Here is a closeup of one of the blossoms.
Look closely and you'll see who else likes these!
The bushes have dark green waxy leaves
that stay lovely all winter long...

Here they are on the left,
shot while I was standing in the left side of
the garden looking across the border...

The irises have waned,
but the daylilies have set many buds.


We will be leaving for The Wren's Nest in the 
next couple of days,
so I may not be able to post much.

I hope that life is treating you well!


  1. Beautiful garden Sue! Thanks for sharing these lovely photos! It's like a bit of a walk thru your yard : )
    & wowzer that was a big bee!! : ) Karen O


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