Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A Vintage Cradle Roll Certificate

Good morning.

In my recent search for paper ephemera, I found this piece on Etsy. I ended up buying it only because it was so beautiful and I had never seen one before.

From what I could find on Google, a cradle roll certificate is, and was, presented to the parents of an infant to establish that the child was a member of the Cradle Roll, composed of a group of children from birth to two years old, too young for Sunday School but important members of the church family nevertheless. I have my own Christening/Baptism certificate, but I had never seen a cradle roll certificate before. Not all faiths use them.

I received this from an Etsy shop that has an 
amazing amount of goodies for collage and
assemblage artists.
She even threw in the beautiful rose cigarette cards
and Arm & Hammer bird advertising card
as a bonus.
Not to mention a lovely photo holder.
Did you know that cigarette cards are a 
collector's item in their own right? 
That they were enclosed with cigarettes
as freebies back in the day is amazing!
They came in various series and many were
so beautiful...

Oops, I digressed.
Back to the cradle roll certificate.
The image is so beautiful...

It would make a lovely banner for a blog
(my blog, maybe).
Kathryn Louise,
I hope that you had 
(or are still having) a wonderful life
and kept God in your heart...

So, the cradle roll certificate, 
along with a few vintage checks and receipts 
that I showed you in an earlier post
came packaged so sweetly in this vintage bag
closed up with Washi tape
and tied with lovely shades of seam binding...

and came from one of my favorite sellers on Etsy.
You can find her here.
Go ahead. 
Pour yourself a cuppa and take a while to browse her shop.
I defy you to window shop and not want to buy at least
five things.


Have you purchased any cool things lately for your own art endeavors?
 Thanks for coming by.


  1. So beautiful, and interesting to read, Sue, I have never heard of something so lovely here. Our certificates are plain white papers with black text on it, was and still is. This one is so amazing.
    Dorthe, xo

    1. Thanks, Dorthe. I have since looked at some others on eBay and Etsy, and there are quite a few beauties. It makes me want to start collecting them. Hmmm! X)


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