Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A fine mess...

Good morning friends! I hope that all is well.

Below is a shot of what's going on in my studio. A mess of "stuff" all over the bed...fabrics, old photos printed on muslin, vintage lace, flowers, and trims. And perhaps some other things not yet pulled out. Just laying there doing nothing. Or, possibly, something. Take a guess...

Hint: Today marks my 97th post! Stay tuned!!


  1. Sounds interesting and intriguing!! A mess? I can claim that in any part of my house...especially what I was calling my "art room" but is really the bedroom of one of my sons...and he'll be home for the summer in just a few weeks. I think it's time for a clean up! xo

    1. Mess is putting it mildly in this house! The clue is: I'm glad we are not having any company for Easter! Pretty sad when your lawn looks neater than your carpeting. I'm with you...we always spend more time cleaning when we're about to have visitors! XO

    2. lol...I too am glad we aren't having guests this weekend...I cleaned up quite a bit a few weeks ago, but it didn't need to be "much" as the guests were 2 single male friends of my husband's (well, they're my friends too but they are high school friends and we didn't go to the same high school...they've been friends of mine since I met my husband) -- and you know men aren't quite as concerned with mess as we women are!! hee!


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