Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Chippy whites and a little boy's dress...

Good morning friends!

In my never-ending quest to become a better photographer, I took some photos of our entryway the other day while there was some nice natural light coming through the front door. I guess I'm living proof that someone with a good camera does not automatically take great pictures, any more than is anyone with a fine sewing machine a great seamstress! I'll keep trying. Mainly though, I like these photos because they portray two of my loves, namely, chippy whites and old children's clothing.

Burlap "welcome banner"...

I love the chippy paint on this old fireplace
mantel top...

Beautiful little boy's dress shown with
an old photo of a boy wearing a similar
dress. Can you believe that the Victorians
dressed their small sons in dresses?

A close-up of the dress showing all
of the tiny buttons, along with the belt, which
has another two buttons! When I was ironing this,
I couldn't help but wonder how much
time a mother spent buttoning this dress,
for a boy no less! Not to mention how
hard it was to iron these...

Be thankful for ready-to-wear children's clothes!


  1. Hi sweet Sue!!! Your photographs are just beautiful to me!!! I love your taste and style...these items look so gorgeous displayed together ~ I hope you are doing so good, hugs and love, Dawn

    1. Thanks, Dawn! I hope that you are doing well too. I'm glad you like the photos...that gives me hope. Have a great evening! Sue

  2. Nice blog... I really like this... Thanks for sharing.
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    1. Hello Julian. I'm glad you like the blog. Come back and visit anytime! Sue

  3. I love chippy whites and children's clothing as well...and this boy's dress is incredible. I've never seen one like it. No, I don't think I'd relish ironing that and ready to wear, wash and wear clothing for children is and was such a blessing!

    1. Hello Sherry! I'm glad you share my enthusiasm for chippy whites. And as for the little dress, I bought it locally. I love it too! Sue


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