Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Breakfast at the Sisters' Cafe...

A sweet hello to you from The Perch!

In a small town near where we live, there is a very special place that is called the Sisters’ Café, and my husband and I go there every Wednesday morning for breakfast. It is a family operation owned and run by two young sisters, with a third sister also working there. We have tried many places for breakfast from Florida to Massachusetts, but the food served at the Sisters is unparalleled. More importantly, it is the kind of old fashioned place where the patrons share tables with each other, the owners and waitresses call you by name, coffee is refilled before requested, and you don’t have to tell anyone what you want to eat, as they all remember what you like from one week to the next. I knew that I wanted to make them a gift of fabric art, and when I saw this picture of the three Victorian ladies, I knew that this was the photo that I wanted to use. I attempted to evoke the spirit of the small country café with the use of specific materials such as the old wooden spoon, small vintage tart tin, and old fork, along with a little "artistic license".

I had actually submitted this piece to be considered for publication in the Winter, 2012 issue of Sew Somerset. It was not accepted, and I'm OK with that, as "you win some and you lose some", but unfortunately I did not get it back until this Monday and was unable to give it to the gals as a Christmas present, as I had originally intended.

Below are some more photos of this piece, hand-stitched with love!

A closer view...

The top section. I applied crackle paint to the
wooden "café" letters...

The tart tin with a decorative brad top glued on it.
The stem and leaves to this "flower" were created with
modeling paste and Lumiere paint...

Detail of vintage leather glove and old fork...

Beading and leaves on the bottom of the piece...

I am going to give this to them tomorrow, and I hope that they like it.

Do you have any special places that you like to go to for breakfast? I hope that you have a "delicious" day!


  1. Sue these ladies are going to love this piece!! I'm sorry that it wasn't accepted by Sew Somerset but more than anything I think it's wonderful that you submitted it and took the chance. Keep submitting...I think your work is very much worth publishing!

    1. Getting ready to go to breakfast now, so we'll see! Thanks for the compliment, Sherry. Have a great day. Sue


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