Sunday, October 13, 2013

Along came a blog, and it was mine...

Hello friends!

During my absence from posting, I have given some thought as to what this blog should really be about, as I seemed to be all over the place with my posts. I became somewhat disillusioned not only by the fact that my computer lost its internet connectivity (finally remedied by our friend yesterday!), but by wonderful blogs that I aspired to be like, and could not. Blogs that feature professional grade photography, gorgeous homes both inside and out, beautiful step-by-step photos of meals being prepared, unbelievable art and DIY tutorials, and holiday decorations that changed each season and completely from one year to the next. Every time I read one of these blogs, I started to feel like I was watching another Martha Stewart Living in the works.

Then I came to the realization that many of the blogs that I love are heavily sponsored, loaded with advertisements, and written by gals that likely almost make blogging their careers and get paid for doing it. And there is certainly nothing wrong with that. But in some, the advertising has become overwhelming, the sidebars loaded with distractions, and there are often so many pictures that they take too much time to download. (Sometimes I feel that these blogs should fall into a new category that is somewhere between Blogs and Websites.) Even I tried Ad Sense for a while, but stopped it as I decided that showing ads on my blog wasn’t what I wanted to be about.

Many blogs also seem to gravitate towards certain trends, such as artwork that is all white, home décor that is all grey, all things French (I should mention here that the relative that I most resemble was my great grandmother, born in Paris, so I am part French). Not to mention burlap. Do you ever wonder how we suddenly started loving a material that is smelly and was once considered garbage? I started to worry that if my art was not done in shades of white, the color scheme in our home was not changed to grey, and I did not feature burlap creations with French writing on them, I would have no followers at all. (And though Birdsong Cottage is being done in “greige”, that’s been an experiment in decorating, and our “main” house looks nothing like this.) Then I thought, well, not everyone out there wants to look at the same thing over and over, so maybe there’s a place for me. And other bloggers who are less than perfect and want to march to a different beat. 

And while I am on this roll, I must also point out that it seems that a lot of the blogs have gone the way of “linking up” with other blogs to such a degree that I feel like I am reading the same stuff over and over again. Now, I think that link parties are a great thing (I might even participate in one some time!), but there are some blogs that I used to love that I don’t read anymore because it seems that they have nothing of their own to talk about and only include photos of things posted by other bloggers. To each her own, but that’s not for me, either.

Lastly, I am often bothered by blogs that have so many ways to follow them on their sidebars that I am at a loss to know which, if any, means I want to use to follow that blog. Not to mention being asked to “like” someone on Facebook in order to win a giveaway. Heavens! Can’t posting a comment or signing up to get emails on new posts be enough? I guess that I would rather someone like me in person than on Facebook (by the way, I do not do Facebook, either for my blog, or on a personal level). Maybe it’s just my age.

So…going forward, here is what my blog will likely never be, and the truths of the matter:

·        A blog with professional-grade photography. Truth: I am at best an amateur photographer who loves taking photos, but that’s where it ends. Besides, how many views of a vase with flowers in it do you really need to see?
·        A blog showing my “gorgeous” home, both inside and out. Truth: On a good day my husband’s baseball caps clutter up the staircase post, there are dishes in the sink, and unread junk mail on the kitchen counter.  We can’t afford to redecorate everytime the trend changes from shabby chic white to grey or something else. (I wouldn’t paint over our cherry and old pine furniture anyway!) The garden often has lots of weeds in it, with the lawn needing mowing. And the flowers that I’ve posted about are now gone, with everything having taken a beating this summer while we were fixing up Birdsong Cottage.
·        A blog with beautiful step-by-step cooking photos. Truth: I love to cook and will share recipes. Only ones that work! But the best I will likely do is provide a scanned copy of the recipe that I used (or worse yet, one in my own funky handwriting!). After all, I imagine that you would be able to picture a piece of meat lying on a serving platter without seeing a photo of it, wouldn’t you?
·        A blog showing my beautiful artful creations. Truth: I love creating vintage collage art, but I am far from a great artist, and often have little time to create much. I will keep on trying and sharing anyway.
·        A blog that provides unbelievable DIY tutorials. Truth: I love DIY, but most of it has been shown on Pinterest a million times before. I will provide a few words and some minimal photos of things I work on, but frankly, when I am in the middle of working, I am too lazy or busy to take lots of photos, and quite honestly, my hubby thinks I’m a nut when I do so. He puts up with my many other quirks as it is!
·        A blog that shows magnificent seasonal décor, ever-changing from one year to the next. Truth: Like most real people, I use the same beloved decorations from one year to the next. The best I do is add a few new things here and there, and move old stuff to different places. Besides, how many of us can afford to make huge changes each season, anyway?

So there you have it! After much pondering these weeks over how I can make this blog better, I finally decided what it will still really be about.


That’s it. Pure and simple. Me. Me and my simple little everyday life. After all, that’s what the banner up at the top says. Right? “A simple view..." It will continue to be what it was. A little bit of this and a little bit of that. “Everyday living” in a simple way. I hope you don’t mind that.

So if you have read this far, I thank you so much for your time. The bottom line to all of this is that I love to post, and I love it even more when you read what I write about.

In forthcoming posts I will share what I learned to do while absent, and some pictures of the progress at Birdsong. Oh, and a small bit of creativity as well. A very small bit. 

I hope that you're having a great weekend!

Much love,



  1. Ha! Sue, what you wrote are my sentiments, too. If you blog about what you love, your enjoyment will shine through. :-)

  2. Yee Haw! I have a friend from Texas who says that me when she's happy about something I've said. LOVING this post Sue and yes, yes, yes...everything you said about some annoying that can be. We are often left feeling "less" when we've been to those blogs but I'll tell you, I might follow them for a few days or a week and then "ugh" I've had it and off my blog roll. They aren't really blogging to connect they are blogging to make a name or earn a buck. And good for's not who I am. So I'm happy that you are blogging for you and about you -- and tell me is that sweet birthday girl a photo of you??? So cute!!!

    1. Thank you so much Sherry! I'm glad we feel the same. And yes, the little kid is moi! XO

  3. Hi Sue, Welcome back. I followed you because you were you. I liked your posts and your pictures. Sometimes you inspired me and that was enough. This weekend was my dad's 90th birthday extravaganza, the reason I found you in the first place. Once the grandkids post the pictures, I would love to share some with you.
    Marsha (wordpress is not letting me use my username! not sure why)

    1. Hi Marsha. It was so great to hear from you again. I would absolutely love to see photos of your party. You mention you have a blog? If so, please let me know what it is. Have a great day!!

  4. Bravo to you. That is exactly what I do and how I think. I'm with you. And my blog is about me and what I like or what I do, period. A potpourri of this and that little thing. Bravo to you.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment, which led me to your own wonderful blog. I love your photos and posts. I will be "picking away" at it as time permits. And I am enjoying the opportunity of visiting BC. What a beautiful area!

  5. Welcome back,Sue. Your photo is just adorable:) TFS.

    1. Thanks so much, Marie. It feels pretty good to be back. I'm glad you like the photo! XO


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