Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Celebrate (a wonderful magazine)...

Hello and happy Monday! Yesterday it was Columbus Day here, but you'd never have known...kids in school, with teachers and many other people still having to work. Things were certainly different when I was growing up, but we won't talk about exactly when that was!

I also hope that my Canadian friends had a happy Thanksgiving. I hope that you all had a great day and ate lots of good food. I hope that your Thanksgiving gets more fanfare than the American version, which seems to get sandwiched between Halloween and Christmas, never getting the recognition that it rightfully deserves. At least not in stores.

Not only do I love Halloween and Thanksgiving, but I also love the seasonal decor that goes along with it. As I stated in my post of the other day, not everyone, and certainly not I, can afford to buy all new decorations every season, but beautiful magazines help us live our dreams, and one that always helps me do this is "Celebrate". If you haven't seen the September/October issue yet, which should still be on newsstands, it is worth a look. I actually received this one right before my computer went wonky and had scanned these photos of some of the pages for you, so I will share them now. Sorry I am a little late, but I am not yet ready to look at Christmas decor, are you? Phyllis Hoffman DePiano is the Editor-in-Chief of this publication, and is also responsible for Victoria magazine and some others.

Beautiful decor...

Wonderful recipes...

Party planning ideas...

And the best part, very little advertising!

What's inspiring you today? Whatever it is, I hope it's great!


  1. Thanks for the good wishes for our Thanksgiving Sue...it was a lovely weekend and we had a fabulous dinner (meaning we ate too much!) last night. I've always loved that we have Thanksgiving in October, but it never has the same fanfare as your Thanksgiving does. We have no parade or anything like that...just a quiet day of family & giving thanks. xo

    1. Sounds great. Quiet, family, and thanks is what it should be about. So glad you had a nice day! XO


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