Thursday, October 24, 2013

More about girls' day out in Asheville...

Hello friends! When my neighbor and I went shopping the other day, we also visited the shop right next to The Pink House (see my previous post).

It was called Common Ground...

I totally forgot to take photos in the store, but the owner was great. They had a wide array of different items with some lovely pieces of vintage furniture just waiting to be painted. Marti bought a beautiful old side table for $45.00. I had to go small since we wouldn't have had room in the car to take anything large back to real house. (We brought our two cats with us this time.)

My treasure was this lovely little bird dish, and on the bottom was etched "Billie-1990". Do you suppose that this was Billie's first attempt at ceramics? It found a temporary place inside the beautiful bell jar that I bought back home at Kohl's for 80% off, both shown here in the bathroom hutch...

Then onto lunch in the Well-Bred Bakery & Cafe in Weaverville. I enjoyed a turkey sandwich on a croissant with a most delicious side of Oriental slaw...

The pastries also looked great, but a gal has to draw the line somewhere!

Have you gone on any jaunts today?



  1. Billie must be very talented as the bird dish is lovely. Your lunch looks good too, though I've never seen a croissant used for a sandwich bfore.
    I had a little jaunt of my own to Liverpool today. A little bit of retail therap, peek at an exhibition of early 19th century clothes and a fabulous lunch ,

    1. Hi, Louise! Thanks so much for stopping by. You sound like you had a great day. That exhibition sounds wonderful and something I would love to see. Maybe we can meet for lunch one of these days! A bit far to travel for it, but just the same...XO

  2. You have so much fun when you go out!! And you make me feel like I'm right there with you. There is nothing quite so enjoyable as a girls' day out!

    1. Well, the next time you're in The States, let me know and if you're near where we are we could make that a reality, no?!

    2. We just might be able to do that! :)


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