Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Shadows and light: A Halloween vignette...

Good morning! I hope that you're having a great week so far.

During the few weeks that I was unable to use my home computer, I started playing around with some iPhone apps for photo editing. I guess that the bonus of not being able to rely on my home computer forced me to fiddle with some other options. I hadn't recently taken any photos with my regular camera since I wasn't going to be able to upload them to Blogger anyway, so I started taking more photos with the iPhone instead. (Note: My hubby and I just bought these phones. Until about a month ago, we were still using our old flip-top babies, which was generally adequate for my needs. OK. I can hear you laughing from here. Have at it!)

So, while watching TV at night, I did a little practicing. It also kept me awake! I discovered two pretty good apps, both free. One is PicsPlay, and the other is Snapseed. (After playing with PicsPlay for awhile, I liked it and decided to upgrade to PicsPlayPro for $3.99.) I find that PicsPlay is a little more user friendly and I like their font choices, but Snapseed has some really sweet vintage frames. The nice part is that you can do some edits on your photo in, for instance, PicsPlay, and then you can easily move it over to Snapseed, and use one of their frames. If you're experienced in this already, don't mind me. It's as yet uncharted territory for moi. 

I have loaded each of these onto both my iPad and iPhone. I find that editing on the iPad is easier on these old eyes, but the Blogger app itself works somewhat better on the iPhone, so I switch between the two to do the posts. I have not mastered posting in either yet, but am working on it! This will be the way I'll go when posting away from home. For this post, I am using my regular computer, but I loaded the photos into Blogger from the iPhone.

The above photo was taken of a vignette on the black shelving above our fireplace. I used PicsPlayPro to crisp up the original photo and add the text. It was fun to play with. Though it won't ever be my first choice for taking and editing photos and uploading them to this blog, it is fun to play with and better than nothing, I guess. 

Tech stuff does not come easily, but I love to learn new things, so who knows? In my next post I'll share another that I did using a different app.

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  1. A beautiful vignette! I don't use my phone as much as I could...but I do sometimes use snapseed...I watch what my sons do and they usually have the patience to show me how things work. Without them I'm not sure I'd venture too far! :)

    1. Our kids are so much more tech savvy than us. And a lot more patient than us with it. When I get frustrated I just go back to the "old" way!


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