Saturday, November 9, 2013

Birdsong Cottage: Finally some bedroom decor...

Good morning from the (cold!) mountains! We are up here putting some final decorating touches on our little getaway cottage (a/k/a vintage single wide mobile home) while getting ready to close it down for the winter.

Though I've previously shared some photos of random pieces of furniture in our master bedroom, I haven't yet done so with the bed itself, mainly because I hadn't really done anything to dress it up. Until now, we were so busy with the messy part of the remodeling I was afraid to put anything nice on the bed. Also, we ran into issues with the old headboards and footboards that we bought this past summer, as they don't fit modern bed frames (we knew this when we bought them). So we ended up bolting the headboard to the wall and are doing without the footboard for now. This week Mr. Perch is going to work on the ones we bought for the guest room.

We dressed the bed with a down alternative quilt, and used three of the four throw pillows that came with the living room couch. Too many pillows on a couch just get in the way when people want to sit down, in my opinion, anyway!  We have not yet painted the trim work in here, so have not yet replaced the old shades that came with the place. They will go out next year when I decide what I really want to do with the window coverings throughout...

The fan above is the one that we took down from over the breakfast bar when we rewired the living room to accommodate the new ceiling fan in there. This is Hubby's side of the bed with a night table that is not too girly...

...and my side of bed with a night stand that is!...

A better shot of the head board. The reproduction painting above is by an artist named Billy Jacobs. We love his work and have two more pieces in our living room here, as well as one in the guest room in "Real House"...

Thanks for coming by and sharing more of the Birdsong saga with me!



  1. Seriously Sue, this home away from home is turning into something fantastic. Have you thought about contacting magazines like Romantic Country or Romantic Homes to do a spread...the before and after? People would be charmed & inspired!

    1. My goodness, you are making me blush! I think I have a way to go before we are Romantic Homes material, but who knows...maybe some day! XO


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