Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Reminders of the coming of winter...

Good morning!

With the colder weather coming, especially in the mountains, we are getting ready to go up to Birdsong to get that cottage ready for winter. We will be doing some final cleanup, then have it winterized and not return until the spring. I will try to post from my iPhone while I am gone, but if you don't hear from me for a week or so, you know where I am! (You can always tell when I post from my iPhone because in its Blogger app I can never figure out how to center the photos on the blog post. Oops!!)

In the meantime, here is a winter-kind-of-old-photo for you to use in your art, or however you wish. I thought it was really a different sort of photo. Sorry about that line on the left!

I can't help but wonder what this group
was doing.
What do you think?
They were sure having a good time!


  1. Hi Sue, Thank you for the image. It's really unusual and I have a thing for group pictues.
    Have a save trip and enjoy the last days in your cottage for this year.

    1. Hi Julia! I'm so glad you like the image! I hope that you're having a great day. XO

  2. Hi Sue,
    love that photo:) Have a wonderful time at the cottage.

  3. Hi Marie! I'm glad you like the photo. Thanks for coming by! XO


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