Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Picture frame play...

Hello friends!

Several months ago I started collecting large ornate old picture frames painted in creamy shades of white. My original intent was to hang them in groups on the wall going up along the staircase in our "real house". I postponed doing that for awhile and ultimately decided that our decor was a tad too traditional for this look. Last week we brought them up here to Birdsong and they found a nice home on the wall next to the couch. 

They fill the wall space that is by the entrance to the hallway...

You can see in the photo below that these frames were in less than perfect shape. Awhile ago I even dropped one myself and had to glue parts of it back together!

What would you do with these old beauties?

Have a wonderful day!



  1. I think what you did with these is ideal...they are art unto themselves and make a great statement. They look like they belong on that wall and the cracks & repairs only add to the charm. I'm still laughing at you saying you intended them for your "real house"!!! ;)

    1. Charm is good! We keep finding things to call our homes to differentiate them (not that we have so many homes or anything). "Real" house; "that" house; the "other" place, etc. Of course, Hubby wishes we could be calling something the "log cabin"!!


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