Saturday, November 2, 2013

Carolina sky and a beautiful fall day...

Welcome to The Perch!

It occurred to me that I have posted so many photos of Birdsong Cottage these last few months that I have been neglecting sharing any of  "Real Home". Since today was such a beautiful fall day, I thought I would walk around outside and take some photos. Pretty soon the beauty of Autumn will be gone and nothing more than a fleeting memory. Is it really already time to turn back the clocks? Oh, my!

I couldn't help but admire the beauty in
bloom on the street that we live on...

...beautiful Carolina sky in all its glory right above our home...

...the leaves surrounding our little gazebo
on the edge of the woods...

...the sky is always more blue,
and the trees always more colorful
at this time of the year...

...even around the little birdhouse...

Welcome to our porch and our fall flag.
The black cat looks so much like our

Are you taking in the beauty of the season
where you live?

I hope that you're having a beautiful day!


  1. You live in a very beautiful area and your photographs are stunning!

  2. Hi Sue, what a beautiful home you have. It reminds me of one of the houses we bought in Mass. Here we have a bungalow, which is adapted to the disabled (grab bars, wide doorways for whelchair, low plugins for wheelchair users, lower work tops in the kitchen,,,which is wrong for us because DH does all the cooking and he's over 6ft, so he ends up with back ache, we also have a wetroom which is great, because I can even sit on the floor and have a full shower) BUT is doesn't feel like home. Still, I'mso lucky to have all this installed for me free,so I mustn't moan (although I do lol) At the moment I can't get to all my stash, so I'm busy knitting and crocheting frilly scarves for Christmas presents. We usually go to the Lake District in Cumbria for Christmas and New year (16th century coaching inn) but my poor DH had an operation on his elbow on Thursday, and he can't drive for several weeks (decision on Dec 23d, which is to late) so we've had to cancel (BoHo). but we've booked in at the local pub, which is within walking distance. Good thing too, because it's my birthday on Thursday, so we can go there for a great meal and DH won't have to drive home..just push me in my wheelchair. What's the betting we end up in a ditch on the way wouldn't be the first time.. lol Wow, I think I just rewrote War and Peace, but probably more intelligibly I hope.

    1. Hi Lesley! Thank you for your compliment. I guess our home does have a Mass touch, since that is where my husband is from. He still owns his house up there and his son, and daughter-in-law, who is severly disabled, live there, Hubby modified that whole house so it would make it much easier for her to get around. We are no strangers to wheelchairs, so I understand the difficulty in doing what so many of us take for granted. I'm glad you worked it out for the holiday and that you will be able to celebrate your birthday in a lovely fashion. I hope DH's elbow heals quickly. I love hearing from you. The UK is a wonderful place and hopefully I will get to spend some time over there one day! XO


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