Monday, February 15, 2016

Making some room and purple...

Good morning friends! I mentioned recently that I have been cleaning out our attic and tagging things for our community yard sale in the spring. Cleaning out attics is never fun, at least not in my book, but as with everything else, there is always a bright side.

I determined the other day that if I live to be 100, I will never again need to buy gift wrap, other than perhaps for Christmas. Because I am (almost!) a hoarder of all things on sale that I think I will have a future use for, we had so many rolls of wrapping paper stored in so many plastic totes that I decided to price all of the ones that I didn't think I would ever really use and away they will go. Well, as you can imagine, the attic-cleaning is not confined to just the attic, because we are also getting rid of quilts, throw pillows, and various other household items that are not only sitting in the attic. So along the way, I have cleaned out bedroom closets, kitchen cabinets, and even my studio. That's right. My studio!!

As I was tagging the gift wrap, I decided to clean out the bottom drawer of my chippy white old dresser in my studio, where I kept papers that were for occasions other than Christmas. Not to mention, a long and low tote that housed more of the same is stored under the bed in the upstairs guestroom. Result?

All wrappings are now consolidated into the
tote that is under the guest room bed,
and this dresser drawer in the studio
was emptied out and cleaned...

All the stuff that was sorted for projects-to-soon-
be-in-the-works that were sitting on the bed...

...are now in zip-locks in the drawer...

,,,and you can now see the bed ,
which anyone rarely sleeps in,
for what it really is...

As I said before,
there is a bright side to everything.
And after working most of the day Saturday
on the "attic project",
I treated myself to a little creative time.
Since my fabrics are now so nicely organized,
I pulled out the purples...

...and put some things together
for a fabric collage, 
hopefully to be completed soon...

I love it when a plan comes together!


  1. Beautiful Sue!! First, I'm happy and 'proud' of you for letting go of 'stuff.' I mean that sincerely! It takes strength of courage sometimes to just admit - I don't Need this! and sell or give it away.
    I've found I never miss it when it's gone~
    And I really love your 'purple' project in the works!! Waiting to see.... : ) Karen O

    1. Thanks Karen. Cleaning out was a lot easier than I thought it would be. A lot of useless already went tu the dump and we donated so many clothes and shoes. Felt good!

  2. Oh Sue, I so have to smile, reading about your stacks of wrapping papers ,lol- I have rolls all over too!! And old tapestry rolls ,too and I can`t bare to throw them out ...just can`t , but my time might come aswell, when we at last gets our place here, sold, to move to a town and then maybe smaller house !!
    Your new project looks beautiful, in purple, and the transferred sweeties !!
    Have a lovely day, dear.
    Dorthe, xx

    1. Hello dear friend Dorthe! We are not actually getting ready to move, but do entertain the idea of down-sizing one of these days. When that time comes, we will be happy to not have to move so much junk! It is a little hard parting with some of it though, but remember: parting with a lot of unused stuff makes room for newer things that you might actually use! You have a lovely day too!


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