Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day and a German Pancake

Happy Valentine's Day! 

In honor of this special day of love,
I thought I would share a scan 
of this vintage sheet music that I have.
Use as you wish in your artwork!

The other day I took a trip over to World Market.
I love puttering about in their food (and wine!) section
because you see so many things that you don't 
see elsewhere.
I am not a big pancake person
(as in the big thick things that you get
in most restaurants).
I would much rather eat French crepes 
or nice puffy German pancakes
(perhaps because I am of 
French and German descent),
so imagine my excitement when
I saw THIS...

Once box makes two batches,
with one batch being one large pancake
baked in the oven in a cast iron pan
at 450 degrees,
and coming out looking like this...

Served with fresh blueberries
and powdered sugar...

...and a side of breakfast sausages,
it made for a delicious Valentine's
breakfast today.
And the best part?
Mr. Perch did the dishes!

We will go out to dinner tonight with family members.
This day is special for us,
because we got engaged seven
years ago today.

Do you have any special plans for today?


Keep love in your heart! 

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