Thursday, February 25, 2016

Whites: A Magazine and a Mantel

Hello! Well, we survived last night's storms. After our area received an actual tornado warning around dinner time, we grabbed the cats and holed up in Hubby's closet for about 40 minutes. His is the one spot in this house that is away from windows and outer walls. When all was clear we ventured out and today we only had some branches and pine cones strewn about the yard, so we won't complain. My heart goes out to those in the areas that were not quite as lucky.

When we knew yesterday morning that we were in for some stormy weather, I picked up some foodstuff on our way back from breakfast. I also picked up a great magazine, and thought I would share a few glimpses of it with you.

This is the magazine.
(Ignore all my sticky notes,
and pardon the bad photos.
Good lighting was not
to be found!)
Can you guess why I bought it?

All kinds of articles about white decor.
The creamware featured in this article was gorgeous...

This was about a lovely shop in
Birmingham, AL 
that featured beautiful wares in white...

This owner used a lot of neutrals
with a touch of black.
I loved the rustic ceiling beam
that kept everything from looking
too sterile...

This stove is gorgeous,
and was in my idea of a dream kitchen.
White shaker cabinets,
marble counter tops,
and wood floors.
I wouldn't personally put spices in that
drawer under the stove though,
as spices should be kept cool.
Perhaps this designer or owner does 
not like to cook!...

And this glimpse is from the old family home
of Terry John Woods,
who is an artist and designer.
Not too long ago I bought two of his 
recent books about modern
farmhouse decorating, but
I started following him in Country Living
in his early
folk art days when his home was
decorated in a primitive fashion.
Over the years, his home
 has evolved to a pale and whitewashed
look, which of course, I love...

And this gal had something I always say that I will one day start,
namely a moon garden.
I love all of these white flowers...

...and the bouquets that she makes with them.
Gee...I wonder why I bought some 
moon flower seeds today?...

And who could not love snowdrops?
They start to pop up early,
 and often right through the snow.
What could be bad about that?
I have never seen any for sale in this area,
though I have seen the bulbs for 
sale in mail order catalogs.
Must try them some time!...

And now for reality instead of fantasy.
Last week I was tired of looking at our
rather barren (after the holidays) mantel,
and did some late winter 
or early spring 
(depending on whether you consider
your cup half empty or half full)
decorating of it.
I went for a clean and fresh look,
finally getting to hang up our new
goat picture.
Actually, I found Mr. Billy
on-line awhile ago,
long before we ever reworked the fireplace.
I love goats!...

I also used some faux milk bottles
purchased a while ago from Michael's...

...and some wispy white flowers,
also fake...

So much for this decorator!

Are you lightening up your decor yet?
Thanks for coming by, friends.


  1. Hi Sue , what a gorgeous post with all the beautiful pages from your magazine , looks so lovely all. The moonflower I would love, too , but don`t know if to get them here,...the snowflake we have lots of in the garden , and they even grow outside, too, properly from bulps, thrown out with some dirt, from the garden. Beautiful, too, with your white fireplace and your decoration of spring, I slowly started the Easter deco !! Hug from Dorthe

    1. Thank you for all your lovely compliments, Dorthe! I envy you for the snowdrops. I have a feeling it gets too warm here even in the winter for them to survive, but I think I I'll start looking for them! Have a great weekend! Hugs!

  2. Where we spend summers in Kentucky the local fire station has a tornado siren. Over the years it has gone off because of tornado sightings in the area during severe storms. The only room in the cottage without windows is the bathroom, so we shelter in it with a hope and a prayer. The best thing going for us is that part of the house has been standing since 1874.
    The magazine looks interesting, and I'll have to look for it at the store. Your fireplace is pretty.

    1. Thanks for your visit, Pallas! Glad to hear we are not the only ones who seek shelter in odd places, but safety first. I guess you'll be heading east soon. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Great post Sue! I thank you for sharing the great pics from the magazine (I would have chosen that mag too: ) but also the photo's of your light mantel! Very pretty and the goat is great friend! Thanks for the uplifting read. ~Bless you, Karen O

    1. Thanks, Karen. Sorry for the late reply...have been engulfed in other things and ignored blogging for a bit. Hope you're having a great week xO


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