Monday, June 6, 2016

A Blue-Eyed Spider and Some Vintage China Plates

Do you remember me? The summer has begun, and of course, I am too busy for words. Or at least, too busy to blog. I still think of you, though!

We have been back from the Wren's Nest for almost a week, and have spent most of the time working on our poor yard that had been neglected for 12 days. Need I say more!

While we were in Hendersonville, we went to the annual Garden Jubilee, and though I purchased a thank-you gift for our friends who watched our house while we were gone, I was so proud of myself for, in addition to a few Iris rhizones, buying only two other things, one of which was something we really needed and I specifically hoped to find there (I will share the other one with you in a future post.)

We needed a doorstop to hold open the door
that goes from the screened porch into
the enclosed porch,
as the wind keeps blowing it shut.
I thought this guy was the cutest little thing,
and he is very good as his task
since his body (a rock)
is quite heavy.
There were all sorts of artisans there,
and I was amazed at how crafty
they all were...

And speaking of clever artisans,
I loved this display of broken china necklaces.
The vendor actually used the plates that she cut the pieces
of china out of to display the pendants that she made 
out of said plates.
If you click on the photo below to enlarge it,
you will see what I mean...

We attended this event with our friends who recently bought the unit next door to Birdsong Cottage and had a great day. Of course, this was the only "great" day we had, since most of our time up there was spent doing hard labor on The Wren's Nest. Who can figure? More on that saga later.

I'm hoping that your week has gotten off to a great start!


  1. Great to see you back Sue! Love that cute and smart door stop! (who'da thunk? : )
    And so clever of that artist to make those lovely necklaces from plates! (again, who'da thunk it?:) Have a great day~ Karen O

    1. Thanks, Karen. Some people are amazing with their creativity (including you!). Thanks for your visit and you have a great day too!! XO


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