Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year 2017!!

Happy New Year friends! I can't believe that 2016 is behind us. Where did the time go? I hope that you had a great holiday season.

I thought that I would share the above print for this first day of January. I scanned it from a vintage book that I purchased some time before the holidays. The name of the book is Nature Notes of an Edwardian Lady and it is a compilation of works painted by a gal named Edith Holden, which she entitled "Nature Notes 1905". The book is filled with her beautiful watercolor paintings of flowers, plants, birds and butterflies. Also included are landscape scenes featuring other animals, along with Edith's personal observations of the nature and wildlife in her native area during Edwardian times in England. Apparently this book was compiled from her original works, where her hand-writing was done only in rough draft.

Throughout this year I hope to share with you some other beautiful pieces of her art. I also purchased a book about her later works, and a third one about Edith herself. Needless to say, I have not had time to read them yet!

I hope that this year brings you great joy, good health, and time to do the things that you would really like to do. Thank you for visiting my blog this year and leaving lovely comments. I treasure your friendship!


  1. Dear Sue, Happy New Year to you!!
    The book is so very beautiful, I have it myself, -got it many years ago, like 40 years ago!!!! On the back of my book is written that Edith Holden died after falling into a water stream ? I never knew there were more books about her, and her work ? I will look now , to see if I find something here. Thank you for telling!!
    A wonderful January to you Sue. xo

  2. Dear Sue, this print is adorable. Thanks for sharing!

    Best wishes for a super 2017 - with lots of creativity, good health and joy!


  3. Happy 2017! Beautiful photo...I always love water colors!


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