Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Making some greeting cards!

Hello friends!

I have been cleaning out my studio and decided to organize my scrapbooking papers. I was never actually a scrapper, but I do find it as hard to resist beautiful papers as much as I do beautiful vintage fabrics, so I had more paper than I could possibly use in a lifetime.

After I organized them I decided that they were all going to waste, as were the many embellishments that I purchased to go with them, and I decided to start making some greeting cards for my Etsy shop. It was fun to coordinate the various papers with the Edwardian postcards that I recently wrote about here, so here are some that I created. I had forgotten just how much I love to create cards.

A birthday card...

A few Easter cards...

And some general, all-occasion cards...

I'm hoping to get them on Etsy shortly!

Have a great evening...


  1. Gah!!!!! I love them all! So beautiful and lovely. I see you have been very busy. I wanted to mention for some reason when you sign in on blogs it is pointing in the direction of missphoebesperch and take you to aol. anyhow! beautiful work!

  2. Hello Sue, they are ever so sweet and beautiful.- I love you added the ribbons and flowers, of fabric. I also always adds a little fabric to my paper creations, making them more mixed media, than paper works. So much beauty with your old images, and cards . Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday ! xoxo, Dorthe


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