Sunday, January 29, 2017

Ballerinas and Little Girls in Print Dresses

Happy Sunday! I hope that you all had a great weekend.

I spent most of the day Friday and Saturday cooking (chicken soup and pot roast) so I decided to give myself some creative time again today.

I put to good use some of the beautiful vintage photos that I acquired not too long ago and enjoyed matching them to just the right papers and embellishments. They have been listed in my Etsy shop, seen on my sidebar.

A few months ago I won the bid on this photo on eBay.
I was so excited as I think that it is one of the most beautiful
ballerina photos in my collection!...

I couldn't resist putting this sentiment on the inside,
as it went so well with the front.
 I happened to discover it in my old stash of
long-forgotten scrapbooking materials...

I think that I bought the little photo in this one around
the same time.
Couldn't resist doing this one in a flower theme...

I jazzed up the inside with the line drawing of ballerinas,
which was part of the sheet music used on the front.
The sentiment is from the same piece as that used in the first card.
Both were bordered in little pieces of cardstock...

I had this beautiful patterned paper and it was so busy
that I had to use it to highlight these little girls' dresses.
I also got to make use of some beautiful vintage
charcoal grey velvet ribbon,
antique torchon bobbin lace,
and of course,
old mother-of-pearl buttons...

I left the inside blank on this one so that it could be used
for any occasion...

One of these days I will have to work on some fabric collage.
But I'll let the interest in the greeting cards run its course first!


I'd love to see more of what you have been creating lately!
Thanks so much for coming by.


  1. Ahhhh! these are all fabulous! wonderful Vintage images, embellishments and outstanding composition! I am wanting the sun to come out so badly here in MI. It seems like forever since I saw it! Stay warm!

    1. Thanks Nancy. I hope you see the sun soon. You stay warm too!

  2. Sue, they are all so gorgeous, I love your old photos of sweet lovely ballerinas,and kids , and you made such lovely cards using them, and all the sweet embellishments !! Hope this finds you, having a great day !! xo

    1. Thanks Dorthe. I hope that you had a great day and have a great week!


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