Saturday, January 7, 2017

Remembering a grand old home...

If you regularly read this blog, you know how much I love old homes. In the back of my mind I still envision myself living in a nice vintage home with a big front porch, set in a small historical town in NC. Of course, that may never happen, but if not for our hopes and dreams, where would we be?

A few years ago The Mister and I hooked up with a realtor in such a town a few hours from here, and closer to Hendersonville where we have our getaway place. One of the houses that we looked at that day was the one seen in this post. At the time I didn't mention where it was because I didn't want anyone to rush over there and buy it out from under us (ha ha!). That one, and the one below, were my two favorites, both in one of the historical districts. And the two of them were the only ones that were actually "move-in ready". At the time there were other considerations that we had to make, one being that neither would accommodate our motor home very well, and alas, a historical home for us was not meant to be at that time. Another issue was that we wanted one with the master bedroom and bath on the first floor, and neither of these had that.

This home had special significance to me,
as it was "born" in 1923,
the same year as my dad.
Here is hubby standing on the front porch.
The houses in this district sit up high off the main road,
with parking in the back that you access from
a rear alley.
I like that concept, as I don't think garages and
parked vehicles look very pretty...

Shortly after we saw this home,
the listing was removed,
but I don't think it was sold.
If it had been my home I don't think that
I could have parted with it either.
We didn't really know who owned the home,
but it was decorated beautifully...

We saw several houses that day,
and I took many photos.
I'm not sure why I never took a photo of
the kitchen,
but I remember liking it.
Here are some of the rooms that I did take photos of...

I am still on the realtor's email list so that I can continue
to get updates from him.
He recently had a post on his blog about the
community coming together to help the victims
of a house fire that occurred on Dec. 30th.
The photos below appeared on a local news website.
I thought the house looked familiar.
My own photos state that they were taken at the same
address where the fire occurred...

To think that my husband stood on that porch
is bad enough.
But when I think of the loss suffered by this family
I am immeasurably sad
and cannot stop thinking about it.
I have not seen any news on what caused the fire,
but I so hope that it wasn't arson.
Fortunately, the family was not in the house
when the fire started.
They were on their way
to an annual camping trip in the mountains.
I feel a special kinship to the family that lives here.
According to what I saw on the news,
the owner is apparently a hardworking single mom with
three children.
This hit home with me because I also raised my two
children as a single mother,
and I cannot even imagine how I would have felt
if this had happened to me.
Kind members of the community rallied together,
boarded the windows,
boxed up what they could of the family's belongings,
and started a fund to help.
The irony is that the mom is a social worker who
spends her life helping others.

Though I'm sure that this family is grateful that their lives were spared, I know that starting this new year cannot be very happy for them. I pray that their love for each other can overcome their sadness and that their beautiful home can soon rise from the ashes.

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  1. I am sure that really was upsetting because you had also been in that wonderful home and then to find out of the fire. I am glad the family was ok, and hope they can continue rebuilding their lives. It shows that in an instant our lives can change forever. :(


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