Sunday, June 29, 2014

A new front door for Birdsong Cottage...

Hello to all!

It was my intent last week to paint all the trim work up at Birdsong. Have you ever noticed how things rarely go as planned? The day after we got up there, Mr. Perch decided that he wanted to replace the front door, since he never liked the old one. So, we went to the local mobile home supply place, picked out a door, and came home to measure. He then went back, paid for the door that we liked, and brought it home.

Hubby is someone that once he decides to do something, he works on it until it is finished. Without eating. Without going to the bathroom. Without regard to the fact that I had planned on doing something else. But that's OK. I guess.

The funny part is that last summer when I was painting some very hard to reach places in the top cabinet above the broom closet (no one had every painted back there, as the original old 60's dark brown paneling was still in its original state), I found a small plastic bag nailed to the wall. When I took it down to see what was inside (worrying that I might be bit by something), I found the business card of the original salesman that sold this mobile home when it was new, along with a spare key that opened all the doors. And still did when we bought it. Can you believe that no one had changed any of the locks in 45 years? Well, leave it to us. New door, new lock. But certainly not because we were afraid of a break in. I imagine that if the locks never needed to be changed, there were no worries in this quiet little mountain community.

So, back to the door.

The old one, which opened to the inside,
blew open if the deadbolt wasn't secure,
and hit the back of the chair behind it
every time we came in ...

The new one, which opens to the outside.
This photo was taken before we 
installed it.
We did get a new doorknob and deadbolt
in, what else, but oil-rubbed bronze,
but of course I forgot to take a photo 
of it and the door after installation.
Next time!... 

Better photos next time I hope. Have you ever noticed that husbands have mega patience for accomplishing their feats, but not so much while we take photos of everything?

Have a great day!

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