Saturday, June 21, 2014


Hello there!

Recently I downloaded a great app. It's called Waterlogue, is $2.99, and worth every penny. What it does is turn your iPhone photos into a watercolor paintings.

I'm not one to load millions of apps onto my phone, but whenever I hear about a good one relative to photography, I like to check it out.

It's so much fun to load your desired photo into the app, and watch it convert right before your very eyes. First it creates what looks like a pencil sketch of the photo, and then you watch it gradually add in the color, just like a water colorist would do.

Here's an example of what it did to a photo of my newest granddaughter.

 The original photo of Avery...

...and after applying Waterlogue to it...

I plan on trying to use this in some artwork. It's called an app, but I call it magic.  I'll let you know how it shakes out! 

Have you found any sweet apps lately?

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