Friday, June 20, 2014

Jump Off Rock


When we are up here busy at Birdsong, the question that we are often asked is "Are you two ever going to have some fun up here?". Well, the answer is "yes".

Last time we were here, friends told us about a place just up the road from our town that was amazing. It is called Jump Off Rock, named after an Indian maiden who found out that her love, a warrior, was killed in battle. Her grief was overwhelming, so she jumped off the rock and committed suicide because she didn't think that she could live without him.

This place is not a tourist attraction. There are only a few places to park, and you are warned that you visit at your own risk, but it is definitely worth seeing and hiking up (or down) one of the three trails.

Sign at the entrance...

One of the views...

The fencing that keeps you from replicating the 
Indian maiden's journey...

The beginning of the trail.
That is Mr. Perch below...

Another beautiful view.
That is a house that you see way back
in the middle of the photo.
Imagine the views from that one!

I hope that you see some beautiful things today!

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