Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Garden Jubilee Festival in Hendersonville, NC...

Hello all!

When we were up here at Birdsong Cottage last month, we went to the annual Garden Jubilee Festival in Hendersonville, the town that our place is in. It was really spectacular, with many vendors set up all down Main Street. The street was closed for the weekend to all traffic, and Lowe's Home was one of the sponsors.

Here are some photos.

Tents lined both sides of the street all the way down...

Vendors sold many different things, 
mostly garden related, 
though there were some others such as jewelry,
antiques, and so on.
This one was for a company that does
backyard ponds...

Plants and garden art made by craftsmen...

An antiques booth...

Many local garden centers had displays
with the most beautiful combinations
of plants...

A few different vendors selling bird houses,
but would you guess this was my 

We did come home with a few things for
"real house", which I'll show you on a future post

I hope that you are in the garden of YOUR dreams!


  1. What a great show, Sue. I wish we had anything similar over here.
    Have a great reat of the week.


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