Monday, June 16, 2014

Catching up with blogging, and more of the old single wide mobile home makeover...

Good morning friends! We are actually leaving this morning to go up to Birdsong Cottage for the third time this season. I have been rather busy lately between taking care of this house and Birdsong, so haven't had the chance to post much or share any photos. I will try to catch up a little bit.

When we were up there a few weeks ago, we made what we consider a nice improvement on our little old single wide mobile home, a/k/a "cottage". One of the things that really bugged us was that a previous owner closed up one of the four windows in the master bedroom and "built in" a window air conditioner. It didn't work when we bought the place, and we decided that since we really didn't need A/C up there, we would rather have a window. So we bought one similar to those that were used when all of the windows had been replaced a couple of years ago.

The dreadful view from the outside.
Who would do this? 
Didn't they even think about the fact
that someday the A/C unit would
poop out?

They apparently built the unit into the wall
because the window wouldn't accommodate
the size of it...

Hubby removing the outside trim...

...and then the rest of the ugly mess. 
We were very happy that it didn't rain!

New window installed...

...and the new view from the inside...

I hope to paint all the trim this week, and we will put up the new shades that we bought when we were up here the last time. 

Baby steps!

Have a great day!

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