Friday, May 29, 2015

Back from Florida, and some photos of my children and grandchildren...

Hello sweet friends! We are back from Florida and had a great time camping. Though I am in the midst of doing laundry and such, I thought I'd take a few moments to share a some photos with you.

Below is my son Chris on the left,
daughter Kym on the right,
holding Avery
(my granddaughter from Chris)...

I am on the right below...

Below Jordyn is on the right
(my granddaughter from Kym)
with her friend Colby on the left...

I love this photo taken under one of the
water features.
That's Tanner in front
(my grandson from Kym),
with his sister and Colby in back...

It was so cute. 
After the boys went in the pool for awhile,
Jason, (my grandson from Chris)
pointed to Tanner and said 
"he is my best friend"...

We camped there with my daughter's family,
and my son and his family came down for the day.
There was plenty for the kids to do,
and the older ones loved the very large
water slide.
The name of the campground is
Sun N Fun, in Sarasota,
if you're ever down that way. 

I did not include the other adults in this post,
(spouses and my dad)
as I didn't think they'd appreciate my putting their
photos "out there",
but unfortunately my own kids will have to live with it!

Have a great evening!

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