Sunday, May 31, 2015

Flowers in my Herb Garden

Happy Sunday to all! Last year I decided that I had hardly used some of the herbs that I had planted in my herb garden. When we widened some of the flower beds and relocated the Iris and Daylilies that were growing near the pine trees and weren't doing well, I decided to move some plants to my herb garden as well. So this year I planted only the herbs that we really like to use. Here are some photos of this section of the yard.

C'mon now, you didn't really think that you'd escape garden pictures this year, now did you?

The herb garden is at the center of our
In the middle is my sweet vintage
spinning garden ornament.
It is a cat chasing a bird,
who is flying after a mouse.
I did a post on it a few years ago when
I bought it at an antique shop.
To the right of the kitty the first of my daylilies are in bloom,
a huge clump of deep yellow, 
which adds some zing to the garden,
especially when shady, as it is in the morning.
(Behind this area is the Iris and Daylily
garden that we widened the bed for
last spring.)
In the front you can see my basil plants,
 thriving right along with the other
daylilies, which are budding but
not yet in bloom...

Last fall I bought a pot of Asiatic Lilies
and another of cone flowers,
both in autumn colors, 
which were being marketed for the
season (from Walmart). 
I sat them on the front porch after 
buying them.
Though I have pretty good luck with
lilies, I never do with cone flowers.
Once fall comes, I am ready to do
other things besides gardening,
so I just sat both pots in the middle of
the herb garden for lack of a better place,
 since it was getting close to the time to 
decorate for Christmas.
They thrived in the pots over the winter
and spring,
and you can see the orange lilies on the 
left and the rusty cone flowers
to the right.
I might transplant them after they bloom,
but then again I may not!...

Here are my chives,
which come back year after year,
currently with the prettiest of blooms.
They got so bushy I had to put a little
trellis there to keep them from toppling 
over on my daylilies...

And here is parsley and sage
growing in front of the daylilies.
"Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme"
says the song. 
I do also have the rosemary and thyme,
along with oregano, in here somewhere.
When I need them for a recipe,
I will find them!...

I was really glad that I mixed the flowers
into my herb garden for this year.
They give the garden that cottage look
with a pleasant mix of foliage and blooms.
They all seem to be happy together,
and so am I!!

By the way, I also use oregano
and thyme as a ground cover in
sections of my other gardens, 
along with rosemary as bushes.
They live all year here during our
moderate winters,
and one can never have too many herbs.
You don't need to have an herb garden
to eat well!

What are you growing in your gardens this year?


  1. Hi Sue
    What a lovely collection of herbs - all the ones we have and use all the time.
    We also grow day lillies as well as some fragrant ones as well. Yes they do well in pots also.
    I am very impressed with how much things have grown over the past year going on my memory of when you planted some of these new plants.
    It would be nice to see some images showing just how it has grown.
    Enjoy this beautiful growing time of year,
    x Suzy

    1. Thanks, Suzy. As more starts to bloom, I will show some comparison photos. Have a great week! XO


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