Saturday, May 30, 2015

Another visit to a favorite shop...

Hello and how are you?

While we were in Florida we had a couple of days there after the kids had to leave, so we drove up to my favorite shop in the area, Retro Rosie and Cobwebs, next town up in Bradenton. You can see my earlier post on this wonderful place here.

I was sad to hear that Nancy, the previous owner whom I had known for years, had retired, but I am so glad for her. There are various vendors in there now, but it is still a wonderful shop and I did manage to come home with some goodies, which I will show you on a future post.

In the meantime, here are some of the photos that I took while I was there. Eye candy for anyone who loves vintage art and decorating materials!

This vendor shared my enthusiasm for
old photos and trinkets...

I love the way she simply tied these old
photos around these vintage jars.
And she used the originals!...

She made these little tags from some
of the photos, simply tied them with twine,
and packaged them for sale two in a 
cellophane package...

She also had a lot of space in the outdoor
Mr. Perch was patiently waiting for me
outside, or I would have taken a lot more
time to rummage...

Back inside, I commented on the way 
she grouped all of the old photos.
She said: "This is nothing. You should see
what I have in my house!"
Sounds like me... 

Another vendor still had the vintage wedding stuff
that was sold at the original Rosie's,
whose original owner has since passed away...

And coming down a side street on our way out,
I spotted this critter dining on someone's porch.
I mentioned it to Mr. Perch,
who thought I had surely lost it.
What do you think?

Have a great day!

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