Monday, May 18, 2015

Beautiful Digital Images to Purchase

Hello! I'm sorry that I've been absent for a little bit, but we were up at our mountain place and just got back. We've undertaken a huge project up there that will likely keep us busy for much of the summer, but more of that to follow in a future post. I promise!

Before we left I purchased some images from Ireland Rose Nostalgia on Etsy. There you can find a lovely selection of photos perfected by the owner, who is lovely to work with, and sold for a very reasonable price. You can find her shop here.

I have bought images from her in the past, but wanted to give you a sample of the ones that I recently purchased. Below you can see that I have already printed them out onto fabric, and they await being incorporated into some pretty pieces of fabric art. I have already chosen the quotes that I will use with them.

I love the muted coloring in these two beach photos.
The lady is just beautiful.
I wonder what she was thinking when this
photo was taken.
And the children in the other photo are just simply
the most adorable. 
I wonder what their day was like way back when...

The little girl with her two dogs is so cute,
and I especially love her dress.
I can't wait to use some coordinating
matching fabrics on this one...

Be sure to check out her shop! 
You'll be glad that you did.


Have a wonderful evening!


  1. It will be fun to see your finished project incorporating these lovely photographs. I love to use photos printed on fabric in my fabric collages. I'm off to check out Ireland Rose's Etsy shop - thanks for the link.


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