Friday, May 1, 2015

More Artwork: Eternal Summer and Scattering Seeds of Joy

Hello friends! We will shortly be taking another trip to the mountains, but I did manage to sneak in a little more creative time before I have to start getting ready for the trip, and created two more pieces.

"There Shall be an Eternal Summer"

For this one I used more silky fabrics in 
shades of teal and aqua, along with some black.

I added a pretty vintage button and placed it
on top of a beige paper flower, 
along with some scalloped aqua velvet trim...

I just love this girl on the swing,
and even though I did this one in darker
colors to "match" her dress,
it put me in the mood for the nice
weather that is right around
the corner...

I was thrilled that in my stash I had some black pleated
silky ribbon that matched the hemline of her dress...

Like my other recent fabric collage pieces, 
this one is sewn to linen burlap
with quilt batting sandwiched in between.


"Scatter Seeds of Love"

I took a different turn with this one,
using a piece of wood as a substrate.
This is a simple little piece done
with acrylics, papers,
and a little bit of lace...

I love the girl's dress with the hoop skirt,
and wanted to throw in a little bit of red...

And, of course, with spring now here,
what else could I do but...

...give her a bird!...

These two pieces are now for sale in
my Etsy shop.


Go, spring!!

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