Saturday, February 4, 2017

February Greetings

"All Nature seems at work,
Slugs leave their lair.
The bees are stirring-
Birds are on the wing,
And Winter slumbering
In the open air
Wears on his face
A dream of Spring."
--S. T. Coleridge


Happy February my friends.
I can't believe that we already a few days into this month.
Where did January go?
In this part of the country,
February usually marks the beginning of the end of winter,
and I must confess that though our winter was relatively mild,
I am looking forward to spending time outdoors
and working in the garden soon.


The beautiful image above is once again taken from:
Nature Notes of an Edwardian Lady,
the compilation of works painted by Edith Holden,
which she entitled "Nature Notes 1905",
and which I previously wrote about here.

I hope that your February has gotten off to a wonderful start!


  1. Dear Sue, such a beautiful book,I know we both love it. No working outside here, until , end of March I think, so you are nearer to spring than I am, Happy February to you dear. xoxo

    1. Happy February to you too! This month here will have its ups and downs. The weather can be cold one day and very warm the next! XO


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