Monday, December 10, 2012

Back out for more antiquing...

Good morning friends. I hope you had a great weekend.

As promised, here is the answer to yesterday's "what is this?" You have probably already guessed. When we took our friends antiquing last week after eating that frittata (yesterday's post), of course we went to Vintage Village. It is the kind of place that you have to always be looking not only ahead, but sideways, up, and down, or you will surely miss something. We went into one tiny building, happened to look up, and saw that the peaked ceiling had been lined with old peely-paint doors. Here is the other picture that I took of the ceiling...

In a previous post you saw this all decorated for Halloween, now the whole thing is decorated for Christmas. One needs to go back often as there is an ever-ending array of goods that seem to magically arrive on a daily basis.

Here are some pictures taken outside of the various buildings...

The background in this pic is an old bedspring.

And these were taken inside SuzAnna's...

These were hanging in the office.
Our friends enjoyed the visit, and did find some things to bring back to Florida with them. We bought some old silver mercury glass ornaments for the tree, along with a pretty clear glass one.

Even if you have finished your shopping and decorating, doesn't this make you want to go out and try to find "just a few more things"?

Have a great day, and thanks for visiting!

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