Thursday, December 20, 2012

Our early Christmas celebration...

Good morning friends! As you know from my previous posts, we did an early Christmas with my children and grandchildren in Florida on Sunday. It was so nice that we could celebrate with four generations of my family together. My Dad, who is going to be 90 in March, cooked a wonderful Chicken Marsala dinner (I hope I can do that well when I am his age!). My daughter and her family live a little south of him, and my son and his family live a little north. We will do our NC celebration up here on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with other family members who live locally.

Below are some pictures taken Sunday.

My three grandchildren, Jordyn, Jason, and Tanner.

Shown below, starting on left, are my son and daughter-in-law, Chris and Kristin, myself, Jason (newest member of family, born May 9th to Chris and Kristin), and my Dad. Seated in front of my Dad is Shawn, my son-in-law, and to right is my daughter Kym, with their children, Jordyn, who is 10,  and Tanner, who is 5. My sweet husband graciously took this picture.

I hope that you and your are celebrating the holidays in the best way possible.
Thank you again for spending some time with me!

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